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The Devil is in the Details

At this point we’re in a bit of a holding pattern before take off. We’ve done the big, obvious stuff (planned our itinerary and budget, bought plane tickets, rented our home, packed up most of our belongings) the things that aren’t very fun but necessary (vaccinations, prescriptions, insurance, wills) and most of the pesky little stuff (a list too long to get into.) What we’re left with now is the details. Which is to say, we could probably take off tomorrow, ok, maybe the next day, and survive just fine out there. However, because we have the time, I have been obsessing over the details, and some of them have turned out to be devilish indeed.

For example, a few days ago we realized we don’t know where our dive certification cards are, which we need for Australia and wherever else we want to dive.* If the cards are not here, it means they are packed with the rest of our things in a warehouse. In Kent, Washington. Replacements cards are $50. Each.

Also, we booked this lovely place for Christmas, when we plan to meet Vance’s parents. It was reasonably priced, and Fraser Island itself looks like a fun place to explore, being one big pile of sand with funny “perched” lakes, long lovely beaches and lots of dingos, plus it abuts well with our next leg, five nights over New Year’s on Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef (where we’ll need those dive cards.) Now I’m putting it together that to be on Fraser one needs a car, and not just a car but a 4×4 (all that sand) which runs $200/day. Plus the barge fee of $160. Ignorance was bliss.

On a good note, I felt victorious when this article pointed me to the right web site for buying skip-the line-Uffizi tickets for 15 Euro (strangely called when I was on the verge of buying very inflated ones at the more aptly named That’s 26 Euro better spent on gelato (at a place from this guide, perhaps, or put towards that 4×4 rental on Fraser Island?) The same article pointed me to a downloadable museum guide for $3.99 and a podcast for kids. Done and done! While I was mentally in Italy, I booked a cooking class for Della and I with handsome and well reviewed Chef Andrea. Delicioso!

We’ve been interested in an organization called Big Brother Mouse which works in Laos to spread literacy through developing, printing and distributing children’s books in Laotian and now we have a book party on the calendar in April. For a book party, we’ll travel to a village outside Luang Prabang where school kids will get to hear stories, play games and best of all, pick out their very own new book. Now that is money well spent!

So for the next few weeks, if you’re looking for information about klotok tours in Borneo, street food tours in Singapore, batik classes in Ubud or bus schedules in Sri Lanka, I’m your girl! Now, back to work…

*where we want to dive and people actually check certification that is.

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