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We Have a Rhythm

Hola from Barcelona! We made it, a little dazed and confused perhaps- our landlord was a little nervous at check in about this recent event in our neighborhood of La Barceloneta which has sparked some marches and calls to shut down AirBnB and other short term vacation rentals (perhaps he is not among the 75 registered legal rentals but among the 600+ others in this area?) Then two of us picked up a brutal but mercifully fast moving barf bug right off the bat which made at least one of us lie awake in agony at 2:00am wondering what in heck we were ever thinking undertaking this thing. We’ve bounced back and settled into a routine which we’ll likely maintain for the next month while we’re in the siesta zone.

Mornings we’re up and about to see a sight or two while things are not too crowded or hot. After lunch or a stop at the market, we retreat for some down time and siesta (school work coming soon to this space!) Late afternoons/early evenings we reemerge along with absolutely everyone else in the city for a walk to find some beach or park space for a little frisbee before a late dinner. A fine rhythm!

If you think the list of places that we are going to is long, then you haven’t seen the list of places we wanted to go, many of which were cut. I am pained when people ask if we are going to Morocco, Japan and India, not to mention Ireland, Northern Europe (particularly Copenhagen and Stockholm) western Europe (including Budapest and Prague) Costa Rica and the entire continent of South America. Next trip guys! A year just isn’t enough.

I suppose we could have squeezed in a few more destinations if we had compressed our schedule a little bit more, especially this month when we have week long chunks of time in Barcelona, Rome, Florence and Venice, but changing places takes time, energy and money and we weren’t sure just what our tolerance would be for shifting around while figuring out new routines. Given our slightly rocky start, I am glad to have the slower pace. After all, things will pick up come mid-October, but for now all is well. Adios!



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  1. Megan Hutcheson #

    Love the pictures, love the posts. Getting started is the hardest part. Congratulations on crossing an ocean. We are with you in spirit and we love pictures of food – that way we can be with you in stomach too!

    August 30, 2014
  2. Mark Hitchcox #

    Now I’m hungry…..

    August 31, 2014
  3. I think your rhythm sounds perfect! You guys are traveling for a LONG time- it you were constantly on the move I think you would be exhausted and the school stuff would be a real pain. What in the world are the little, yellow cars? Your photo inside the cathedral made me think of a photo I never took on our trip but maybe you’ll find a good spot… Use the panoramic feature on your iphone or camera but hold it perpendicular and capture from the horizon in front of you to the horizon in back of you by going up over your head. Thanks for the posting!

    August 31, 2014
  4. Bonnie Tilghman #

    The pictures are wonderful! Beautiful one of Miles with the fruit! We have been thinking about you all. Especially as we head off to middle school tomorrow. Adair says “hope you are having fun Della”! Della you are fortunate to start “middle school across the globe”. We will miss you all as we start school tomorrow. Enjoy Spain, it looks lovely.

    September 2, 2014

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