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Introducing the Adventures of Generic Lego Man

I pricked up my ears when I heard an interview with Andrew Whyte this spring on NPR discussing his Legography project, whereby he carried around a Lego mini figure photographer in the coin pocket of his jeans and took a series of photographs from his point of view. We had been discussing ways of documenting our trip, and this struck a chord; I couldn’t wait to show the kids, especially Miles, our resident Lego fanatic. When we were packing up our house this spring, we made sure to leave out a mini figure and some accessories to see if we could try something similar. Miles very much wanted to bring Emmet, from the Lego movie, but I convinced him someone unnamed might be better thus Generic Lego Man was born.

Despite my good intentions to experiment over the summer, it wasn’t until Barcelona that we pulled GLM out for a shot. And despite the fact that I wanted this to be a kid driven project, getting the focus to work right is tricky and it’s usually me working the iPhone. However, Miles likes to scope out potential shots, crouching down and looking up at things and then serves as assistant, warning me when people are about to walk by. Because what’s in the background is necessarily out of focus, we’ve found we need a strong silhouette to make anything recognizable. Also, he’s had some trouble in the wind. I was scolded at the Parthenon and told to stop (I’m still not clear what the infraction was) but otherwise our project has gone smoothly and we’ve been pleased with the results. We are not the professionals Andrew is, nor does our man have as good a collection of outfits and accessories as his does, but I think we’ll have a nice collection by the end of this for a fun photo album of the world from GLM’s view.

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  1. Grammie #

    Love it!!!!😘

    October 12, 2014
  2. Maggiej #

    that is such a cute idea! DELLA I HOPE YOU’RE HAVING AN AMAZING TIME!!!!!!!!! I MISS U SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

    October 13, 2014
  3. Adair Tilghman #

    Love the Generic Lego Man!!! Keep the shots coming!

    November 15, 2014

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