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Keeping Track

Anyone with kids under 10 would probably best know Mo Willems for his seminal book “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” but equally popular in our house is the lesser known “You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When it Monsoons” chronicling Mo’s post college year wandering a around the world in one (often hilarious) sketch a day. Where travelers sometimes tend to focus on the big sights and experiences, Mo focused on the small moments and quirky details that stuck with him each day. We like his style.

Inspired by Mo we decided to try a similar format for Miles’s trip journaling, to wit, one sketch and one juicy sentence each day describing a sight or experience. We gave it a try over our spring break trip to France and were happy with the results. It was nice for him to have a structure, and even when we missed a day going back and playing catch up was manageable, something I find overwhelming about full blown record-absolutely-everything journaling. Now, almost two months in, I can say journaling is, if not an everyday, at least an every other day habit for Miles and he will have a fabulous memento of his journey to look back on some day.

Here’s a sampling from his journal so far. Not surprising for a kid of mine, many of his entries mention food.

Aug. 29- Today we saw the Picasso Museum and found inappropriate paintings (only 10?), then a very short thunderstorm poured on us on our walk home.

Sept. 2- Today we saw the Palau Guell (also nice spire chimneys.) We went to the Boqueria, the biggest market in Spain. Then I had whipped cream with hot chocolate you drizzled on. 2014-10-16 15.34.47 Sept. 8- Today we saw the Colloseum which is BIG. We also had pizza for lunch and dinner and saw 100 Smart cars in 6 hours.

Sept. 10th- Today me and dad went to the Explora Museum and worked valves and machines, built dams and talked about the weight and density of different objects.

Sept. 20th- Today we got to Venice, which looks like a fish. Also there are UPS boats, police boats, and every type of car as a boat.

Sept. 28th- Today we went to the part cool, part boring Archeological Museum. Some things are from 5800 BC!

Oct. 2nd- Today we went into town which was a big labyrinth, had awesome baklava and saw CUTE kitties.

Oct. 13th- Today we got to Selçuk. The ice cream guy gave us Awesome ice creams but first, you had to do a fun game. He also took funny pictures of us. 2014-10-16 15.39.28

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  1. Grammie #

    Miles – I can’t wait to hear your stories. Your journal is certainly evidence of the fun you are having! I also love the Lego man pictures.

    October 22, 2014

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