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There are four of us heading off the beaten path this year:

Vance, the dad, technology and management consultant, easy going traveller and problem solver.

Jennifer, the mom, homemaker for the past 11 years, will detour for food.

Della, 11, reader extraordinaire, game for adventure

Miles 8, our reluctant traveller and homebody


Here we are “helping” on a sheep farm in New Zealand in 2011. We shoved the sheep through the chute while the farmer dagged them.*

The plan; (almost) 11 months of travel starting in late August 2014, passing through 18 countries. “The plan” is flexible, it’s a work in progress.

Our expectations; There will be moments when we’re fascinated, delighted and awed. There will be moments when we’re sick, disinterested, lost and/or frustrated. We hope the good moments outweigh the bad ones. We hope out kids learn resilience, flexibility and problem solving in getting from point A-B for so many months on end. It seems too obvious to say we want them to have a bigger understanding of the world and learn to appreciate their luck being born into relative privilege, but we hope for that, too.

We’re not experts, we’re not out to keep score, see the highest/biggest/greatest/oldest, cross things off the bucket list, add to a life list. We don’t have much of an organized purpose other than seeing and doing interesting things, meeting some interesting people and eating interesting foods. I think of us as big sponges, ready to soak up what comes. If all that’s interesting to you, please follow along.

* “dagging” is the process by which the farmer shears an area around the sheep’s bottoms so their poop doesn’t get caught in the wool and attract flies. I don’t know about the sheep, but we had a good time!

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  1. Aunt Midge #

    I’m loving every word! Keep up the good work! Aunt Midge

    September 1, 2014
  2. John Higham #

    I love traveling with you vicariously!

    September 7, 2014
  3. September Higham #

    Pack me in your suitcase!!!
    – September Higham

    October 14, 2014
  4. Adair Tilghman #

    Hi Della,
    I loved the post card it was really fun to hear about your trip, and yes Mochie and Kimo are still cute! School is great but would always be better with you!!! Seattle is good the weather is below zero!💨Esme is good, one day she said “why did Della have to move she was so nice?” She asked my mom that at Boom! Esme says I miss you Della and Miles so much!
    I miss you love Adair!
    PS I miss you so much!

    November 15, 2014

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