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Continuing Adventures of Legoman

I had such a good response to Legoman’s adventures, I’ve started posting him on Instagram using #legomanseestheworld. There are other Legoman streams out there, too. Who knew? This may be repetitious if you’re an Instagram/Facebook friend, but for those who aren’t, I give you the continuing adventures of Legoman….. Read more


We spent so long planning this trip, somehow I still have a hard time believing we’re actually in these exotic locations. Like Borneo! Land of fantastical beasts and plants (and much less interesting palm oil plantations and oil development.) Although we dreamed of going really off road here, the logistics required a little more derring-do than we felt we possessed. We settled on 12 days in Sarawak on the Malaysian side of Borneo, using Kuching as our base for smaller trips. Read more