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Continuing Adventures of Legoman

I had such a good response to Legoman’s adventures, I’ve started posting him on Instagram using #legomanseestheworld. There are other Legoman streams out there, too. Who knew? This may be repetitious if you’re an Instagram/Facebook friend, but for those who aren’t, I give you the continuing adventures of Legoman….. Read more

Introducing the Adventures of Generic Lego Man

I pricked up my ears when I heard an interview with Andrew Whyte this spring on NPR discussing his Legography project, whereby he carried around a Lego mini figure photographer in the coin pocket of his jeans and took a series of photographs from his point of view. We had been discussing ways of documenting our trip, and this struck a chord; I couldn’t wait to show the kids, especially Miles, our resident Lego fanatic. When we were packing up our house this spring, we made sure to leave out a mini figure and some accessories to see if we could try something similar. Miles very much wanted to bring Emmet, from the Lego movie, but I convinced him someone unnamed might be better thus Generic Lego Man was born.

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