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Shows What I Know

Well look at that, we’ve been in Greece almost two weeks!

I thought that being in Italy was easy and being in Greece would be harder, because we had been to all those places in Italy before, some more than once, and we both speak enough store/restaurant/market Italian to make everything nice and comfortable (thanks Parliamo Italiano!) I mean, we have that system DOWN where we pay the cashier first and then take the ticket to the barista, then we stand at the bar and drink our coffee feeling pretty darn smart, while other tourists mill around confusedly. And Greece? I know no Greek and have you seen their alphabet? Also, the Greek ferry schedules had been driving us crazy for months. Once we had figured out which islands we wanted to go to out of the bizillion options, we could not find a way to get between them. The route we wanted apparently exists in August but not in October, but we kept hoping the schedules just hadn’t been posted yet. Finally, after spending a morning fighting with the slow WiFi in our Venice apartment we gave up and chose a new route. It was a little painful. I was prepared for Greece to be difficult. Read more