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Posts from the ‘Turkey’ Category

Continuing Adventures of Legoman

I had such a good response to Legoman’s adventures, I’ve started posting him on Instagram using #legomanseestheworld. There are other Legoman streams out there, too. Who knew? This may be repetitious if you’re an Instagram/Facebook friend, but for those who aren’t, I give you the continuing adventures of Legoman….. Read more

Cappadocia and Dubai

Well, Della and I had hoped to post about Cappadocia, our last stop in Turkey, before we left but that didn’t happenĀ before we were sucked into the (hot) whirlwind that is Dubai! So this will be quick and dirty because we expect Sri Lanka, our next stop, to be equally as intense.

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Good Luck and Good Planning

It was such good luck that our friend had a conference scheduled in Turkey right at the same time we planned to be here, and decided to make it a family affair. Of course we had been in planning mode for months, but having one of our favorite families, with a friend for each of us, make the trip across the Atlantic threw us into high gear. The kids were in a frenzy of anticipation, counting down the days.

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